One question I get a lot and I’m always gad to answer is “Why should I build a custom home, when there are new homes available that are already built?” And really, that’s a terrific question.  Why indeed?

Here in no particular order are my five most frequent replies:

1.  A custom home is made for you and nobody else

The trouble with buying a new home that already exists is that, no matter what, there are going to be parts of the home that you just don’t like. Maybe it’s the layout, the carpet, the cabinetry in the kitchen – regardless, it’s something that doesn’t fit and it’s going to cost money to change. And if you don’t change it now – you’re going to regret it for a very long time.  Instead of dealing with the headache of finding a home that almost fits what you’re looking for, why not build the home of your dreams instead?

2.  A custom home is designed for your lifestyle

You know what you need and what you don’t.  And yes you can actually have what you need.

3.  A custom home is built for today and tomorrow

Have kids or plan on one day housing your in-laws? When you build a custom home, you can build with today and the future in mind. That way, when the time for change arrives – you’re ready.

4. A custom home is located where you want

Another problem with buying a pre-built home is that you have absolutely no say in the location. Building your own custom home gives you the ability to pick the perfect location, whether it be secluded or in a community of homes. You decide where you want to live. Over time, that’s a decision than means complete peace of mind.

5. A custom home is built around your budget

Many people associate building a custom home with a higher cost than purchasing a pre-built home. However, this is not always the case! When building your own custom home, you can build based on your budget. As long as you work with the right builder, you won’t have to worry about unforeseen costs. And you don’t pick the home only to find out you can’t afford it.


There.  I’ve given you 5 great reasons to build the house of your dreams and not the dream of a developer. Now here’ a question for you: Are you ready to start turning your dream home into reality? We would love to help! Contact us to get started. Then bring your dream to us!


Andy Lawrence, President

L.L. Lawrence Builders Inc.

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