Can I get a Tax Rebate for my remodel?

Did you know that the Federal Stimulus Bill has tax rebates for upgrades that you perform on your home, up to $1,500.00 (30% of costs. This can be a great incentive to make your home more energy efficient, which will also help you bring your monthly energy costs down.

Some of the items covered include(must be Energy Star Compliant):

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Insulation
  • HVAC Systems
  • Most Water Heaters

You can learn more about this exciting discount on your home remodeling by visiting this website.

We would be happy to explain in more detail how this discount can help you remodel your home. Click here to contact us.

What's your warranty?

Protecting your home for years to come…
Your investment is our investment—our Warranty Service protects your new home for up to twelve years. More importantly it ensures your most priceless asset—peace of mind.

Welcome Home!
You and your construction manager will meet at your new home. We’ll orient you with all your brand new features, how systems and equipment work, and how to properly maintain all materials in your home. Feel free to ask lots of questions. You will receive all manuals for your home at this meeting. Together, you and your construction manager can note any finishing details, and we’ll complete your requests. 90-Day Warranty Service
Settling into Your New Home
This is your time to discover your new home. Keep a list of everything you’d like us to examine, and we can assure a hassle-free, one time visit to your home to correct all warranty items.

11-Month Warranty Service
Improving With Age
We guarantee that our homes will provide years of comfort and luxury for you and your family. Like the 90-Day Warranty Service, we assess your list of Warranty items at the end of each year. Get a head start—keep a list of your concerns, and we can assure you quick repair.

We’ll Be There
Call us with anything that threatens your home—flooding, loss of heat or air conditioning, security problems or otherwise—and we will provide you with reliable professionals who will help you immediately.