A first floor master suite. Granite countertops. An outdoor kitchen.

What things would make up your dream home? It’s easy to dream about what our home would look like if we could custom build exactly what we want, but building a house is a huge undertaking and one that you need to go into with open eyes.

You need to be an active participant, along with your builder, in what will be one of the greatest life events you will ever face. Here are some things to consider when taking that leap of bringing your house dreams to life.

  • Mind the numbers. It’s very easy to go overboard when thinking of the house you want for your family. But, keep your eyes on the bottom line. Know what your budget is going in and stick to it. Remember all the costs that go into the building process and also what you might need to buy once your house is ready to move into. Know ALL the numbers!
  • Know what you’re getting yourself into. Building a house sounds fun and exciting. But, remember, it can be like a part-time job. You will have countless decisions to make and you will need to be in constant communication with your builder. Construction will take up a lot of your time and energy, so be ready for all the joys and disappointments that it will bring!
  • Research builders. Finding the right contractor is crucial. Do your research. Meet with a few builders; don’t choose the first one you speak with. Ask friends and family. Not only is reputation and reliability important, but so is their personality and work ethic. You are going to be spending a lot of time with this person and you want it to be the right fit.
  • Be flexible. Unforeseen things are inevitably going to happen during the building process. Timelines will change. Remember that going in, so you can eliminate disappointment later. One day you will be living in the house of your dreams and all the setbacks will be just a memory!
  • Have a plan. Know what you really want going in. Do you want an open floor plan on the main floor? A separate dining room? What kind of countertops are you considering for your kitchen? And don’t forget to really think about functionality. It might look nice, but is it something your family is going to be able to live with?

LL Lawrence has been building homes for 24 years, we build homes that are customized to fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget. Whether you are building your very first home or building for a growing family, L. L. Lawrence is the local builder you can trust to bring every detail together, from start to finish.

Unlike big-box residential contractors, our custom designers can bring personal detail to one of our home plans, or start from scratch with your ideas, sketches, and clippings. We can assist you in home selections, point out options you may not have thought about, and help in choosing color schemes for your new home. Visit our model homes to view our superior craftsmanship. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll make your dreams a reality.

Give us a call and let’s talk about it at 717-633-5133

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